I’m reading Divine Time Management by Elizabeth Saunders. In it she talks about fitting into molds and ask ‘What mold are we trying to fit into?”. It’s an interesting question. I think we let ourselves get so busy that we don’t stop and think about whether we are busy because we are doing
what we love or is it because it’s what we should be doing. When I stopped to review the different aspects of my life she points out I discovered that indeed there is a mold I find myself trying to fit into. As a entrepreneur wife and mom, I often find myself trying to work at the level of “the
best” while holding my self accountable in my personal life to that of a stay at home mom. Working moms and stay at home moms both have a great deal of responsibility, I’ve been both as well. I know first hand how hard being a stay at home mom is and I’m living the working mom life right now. They are both hard jobs with two totally different expectations and yet when I was a stay at home mom, I felt less than because I wasn’t pulling my weight in our finances. Now that I’m a working mom pulling my weight financially, I feel less than because it’s a struggle keeping up with everything going on at the house. No matter our positions, the enemy will always find a way to make us feel less than. Comparison will always be our kryptonite, and the enemy is always willing to point our flaws and others

The mold I find myself trying to fit in is that of a successful women, with a balanced life, happy marriage, and financially stable. When the fact is my life is consistently a juggling act, I have to put a ton of effort into my marriage to keep it halfway normal, and while I make good money,
stability and real estate are not synonymous. I use to body build so the mold of being physically fit still weighs on me while I haven’t been in the gym in almost 2 years. Spiritually, I feel the
need to present myself as the avatar of a proverbs 31 women, reality, I struggle with letting God into my heart whole heartedly. I had traumatic experiences as a kids that keep me from wanting to get to close to anyone, and unfortunately my relationship with God is included. It’s hot and cold. I get real close and then pull away. Thanks goodness we have a patient and loving God that pours out his love even when I pull away. And friendships? I don’t even pretend in that area. I’m a wife, mom, and business owner is there even any room for friendships? What about a cultural mold?
I’m born and raised Southern American. I grew up in a typical southern bell family, except I was a Tom boy. You would catch me dead in a dress unless it was on Sunday morning at church. As an American, there’s times where we take our freedom for granted.

At the end of the day, or preferably the start of the day, it’s crucial that we wake up with
purpose in our hearts. Understanding the path God has set before us, and affirm within our heart and souls that we are daughters of the king! There is no mold, comparison, normalcy or exception that the enemy and use against us. We must wake up and realize who we are in Christ so we can love ourselves, because well, if we can’t love ourselves how are we going to love others for Christ?

Lindsey Whitney

Lindsey Whitney



My name is Linsey Whitney and  I am real estate agent with a team of amazing agents and staff in Melbourne, FL. I received my B.S. in Psychology from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL. I am a wife and mother of three children. I grew up with a single mom and village of family that helped raise me. I’ve always had natural drive to succeed. Fast paced was how I lived my life, until I hit my breaking point.

In my late 30’s I hit a wall of burnout, literally, medically my endocrine system was non-functional. I spent years bring myself back to life and redefining what success. By changing my habits, mindset, and creating clarity around my goals I have been able to rebuild myself from the ground up. Being broken was not an easy process and everything I learned along the way back to success is what I am bringing to this community of women.

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